Sports and Arts

Sports remains a social platform that cuts across ages, tribe, or status.
ABNet uses SPORTS and ARTS as a transformation tool.

Career, Guidance & Education Expo

ABNet engages in schools career guidance
and education expos with an aim of enlightening and mentoring our students
on market driven career opportunities.

Preventive Countering Violent Extremism, Induction

ABNet in partnership with YADEN, Fariji Solutions
conducted a PCVE induction for teachers at St. Teresa
Boys Primary School Eastleign Nairobi.

Preparation for the Kenya National Skills Show on TVETs 2019

ABNet acknowledges the challenges
unemployment poses to the youth.
We have dedicated our resources
to continuously suppport governement on its TVET programs

Kamiti Prison Young Corrective Training Center (YCTC)

ABNet had the opportunity to host
YCTC young boys ages between 17 - 21 years to
showcase the skills they have attained while they serve
their sentence period. These skills are aimed at making them self reliant after their sentence term

Father's Day Celebration - Naivasha Prison

ABNet appreciates the father's role in the society,
it has committed itself in celebrating this special day
annually at male prisons facilities.
This helps in the re-integration process after release.

Mental Health A Crisis in Kenya

Depression has been identified as the greatest cause of suicides in Kenya. Beating other violent relationships and other abuses (WHO 2017). In Kenya men are 50% more likely to take their lives than women. Kenya was ranked 6th with the highest number of depression cases among African countries.

African Boychild Network (ABNet) is a Non-profit and non-governmental Organisation founded in December 2016 and registered in Kenya under Section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act on 14 Nov 2013 under registration number OP. 218/051/16-241/10548